He is Faithful (iPhone Wallpaper)

For Julie … God bless on your surgery!

And for all of us facing trials.  God has went before us, He is faithful, His love endures forever, His Word is our refuge and strength.  Be strong and take heart! Remember what Jesus said, “in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)



Love the Lord (iPhone Wallpaper)

I used to get my wallpapers from Pinterest, but since I couldn’t find one where these lines are written to remind me, especially during this time of Lent, where my heart, soul and mind should belong to, I decided to make one.  And sharing it also to whoever want to use.  Size 16:9, fits iPhone lock screen. (:

Love the Lord

Being Led By The Spirit

goddaily follow gods prioritiesPhoto from: God Daily Tumblr

There is a wonderful joy in obeying the Spirit, being led by the Spirit than being busy thinking our efforts make God happy.  We please God not by being busy for Him but by being obedient to Him.  Listen, listen carefully, and listen well.

We all get tired.  But a man-pleaser finds himself busy and stressed out while a God-pleaser finds himself fruitful and happy. 🙂

Breakfast Is Served


This is funny but I feel like I’m unwinding early in the morning! Didn’t get enough sleep… >_< SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. VERY IMPORTANT! And so is reading and writing, for me. ((:

Tonight, tonight

It’s like a rainbow after a downpour, the sight of the moon brightly peeking out of the night clouds.




According to my aunt who gave me this keychain from her recent trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii, ‘Kepi’ is the equivalent of my name in the Hawaiian alphabet. 🙂

Warmed Soft and Chewy Choco Chip Cookie

Topped with vanilla ice cream with strawberry slices… Who can resist??? Not me!