La Madrugada

Es en la madrugada
Aquí en el momento
Mi corazón, en silencio
Palpita en Tu gracia
Laté para Ti

© 02.10.2018

Lettering & Water Colours

Doodling on my notebooks during classes or meetings had been an act out of boredom.  I have always thought that I am made to read or write or both.  And that was what I have been gladly pursuing.  However, we have such a generous God.  As I was not contented with just reading and I have been struggling with writing as I often find myself on dead ends or literally no ending, a new journey opened up for me.

So I expanded my horizons and started exploring lettering second half of last year.  There were moments where I felt like I’m getting nowhere, and whenever I compare my work to those amazing works of people I follow on Instagram I sometimes get frustrated.  But since lettering relaxes me, I pushed on.  Later on, I worked with water colours, which at first I was hesitant to try because I felt it was messy and I’m not really artistic, I couldn’t draw properly, all the excuses thinkable.  But I love colours and so I dived in the water colour adventure and it was soooo satisfying!  Even when I couldn’t draw an identifiable stuff, just spreading those colors all over the paper was like a massage! ((:

I still have that “I will publish a book” in my list.  I scrapped everything from the first draft of the book and restarted on it again few months back.  But at times that I do not feel any inspiration or idea that I can add to it, I take comfort in the stuff that I can do and  that relaxes me.  You can say it’s like trying to feel useful and productive, maybe. (:  And I found that lettering is like sharing about stuff of my interest in a lively, colourful and simple way.  With that, I am adding another category to this wordpress of mine DJLetters where I will share my lettering journey/blog.  Or you can follow me @djletters on Instagram where I do post more often. (:

Hello 2016!

Hello 2016!

It’s been a quiet second half of 2015 for me here at wordpress.  A lot has happened towards the end of 2015, all in God’s timing and grace.

I started learning and practicing brush calligraphy or modern calligraphy with the discovery of using those amazing brush pens.  And it was truly a grace and a gift that I can use that new hobby and passion in lettering/writing to share the good news to people via my instagram account @djletters.  The instagram account started off as my “shop” account which later turned into my lettering account. (:  Hope to see you there! My shop account: @shop_pixiesnstardust

Then at work, what I have been praying for, God delivered in His own time and His own ways.  Never had I imagined that it could end like this but it ended really amazing and beautiful.  Truly, His thoughts and His ways are not ours and He knows BEST – taking care of each sheep in His flock, not letting a sparrow fall without His knowing.  TRULY AMAZING FATHER! (: I may be out of job in a few days but He has secured me for the days to come and opened new doors and ways for me.  As the reading from Isaiah today greeted me declared:

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19 NIV

Now I’ll be getting more free time than I used to and I am praying that I will be able to use them properly – for the fundraising for World Youth Day this coming July, for practicing and using my passions – lettering & writing – for His glory and for earning income and for the important matters in life.  Truly 2015 has pushed me, led me and shown me how to walk by faith and not by sight and I pray that He will sustain me to do that this year as well.  Prayers and desires in my heart I lift up to the Lord and though some of them seem impossible, I hold on to His faithfulness and His great ability to work in the impossibles of my life.


This Love

Can be my redemption
or my destruction.
And I
Might be your salvation
or a wrong inclination.
Can be an institution
or a twisted illusion.

Grab my hand
and we will try to see
where this road leads.
Don’t let go
even when it seems
the end is near.

Will be my affirmation
of this affection.
And I
Will be your declaration
of this devotion.
Will swim in our emotions
and drown in our passion.

Grab my hand
and we will try to see
where this road leads.
Don’t let go
even when it seems
the end is near.

This love
A revolution
They view
With aversion

08.06.15 11:32


In the silence of the morning
Staring out my window
Sun shining down the pavement
Too calm for my own enjoyment

A knock shook me out of my daze
Walking to the front door
Something inside me twist in pain
Why did it feel it’s gonna rain

I run against the wind
Rain against my face
Reaching out to you
Calling out your name

Inside folded primly like a napkin
Words staring back at me
The sun turned black I couldn’t see
How can you leave, how can this be

Pushed against the wall in my bedroom
I gasped for air to breathe
Just last night you said we’ll be forever
What changed your mind to up and leave

I run against the wind
Rain against my face
Reaching out to you
Calling out your name

This whirlwind romance I do not understand
I fell too quickly now I’m dropped like a bomb
​You with your perfect smile left like a perfect storm
Now I’m drenched and clueless, where did I go wrong

I run against the wind
Rain against my face
Reaching out to you
Calling out your name

©djklmnopi 12.04.14 15:06

A Cup of Tea

Remember October
When the leaves start to change their colors
A book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other
By the lake I stare out to wonder

Remember November
By the leaves, the path is covered
A book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other
By the park I sit wrapped in my sweater

Remember December
The cool wind blows the start of winter
A book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other
Cold and alone, I wait for Spring and wonder

10.17.14 06:33

To Write

When I started to love writing, I really couldn’t say.  But I started enjoying reading by the time I learned how to read.  However, it doesn’t always follow that people who love to read also love to write.  Sometimes they just don’t or sometimes they won’t.

Whenever I write, it’s like an unconscious thing, a dream, though I’m awake.  I’m taken into this different world where I can feel other things and see how beautiful things are then the words just attach themselves to each other and form statements and they make sense (well sometimes they don’t but still… you get the point.)

Why do I write? Most of the time, I write for myself, unless required by someone else to.  There is clarity when I see my thoughts right in front of me.  Aside from seeing my wrong grammars, it shows me when my thoughts are flawed, when they’re geniuses and when they are nonsense, and I love them all.  I’m not perfect but I will never use that as an excuse to write irresponsibly, but then I understand when there will be times that I may write irresponsibly out of emotions and I have to forgive myself.  Because, I am writing for myself – to release my thoughts, to understand myself better, to explore my imagination, to express my emotions, to share my blessings – and if other people see something in the stuff I write, I know then that the thread in the universe’s web is still intact and we are still connected and bound to each other by our thoughts, our emotions and our situations, even in a little fraction of each. (:

Signature 1


Falling on a Friday
Black Cat
And walking under triangles
Seems I have a thing
For what they deem unlucky

It doesn’t matter
I wear it proud.
It’s my lucky number.
Like eight and nine
Or seven even for some.

Why did I choose you
Or was it
You have drawn me
In to your magical charm
A spell, we’re bounded

I’m sticking by you
Never believing them
Choices I make,
And I am choosing you
©djklmnopi 08.20.14

I heard it’s National Poetry Day on WordPress, so posting an entry for it. 😉

What Your Silence Mean

Silence means yes.
Silence means no.
Which statement holds true?
How will you know?

I sent you a message
I see that you’ve ‘seen’ it
The night passed, the sun came
Did you accidentally delete it?

I asked you a question
For old time’s sake’s chit chats
Maybe you’re doing the laundry
Or trying to bathe your cat.

If only I can read minds
Or see through the screen
Then maybe I’ll understand
What your silence mean.

©djklmnopi 09.26.14 16:16

No Pressure, My Pleasure

Me thinks writing is the best profession out there.  Let me count the ways.

You get to manage your own time, express yourself, let your imagination roam wild and free, learn new things so you can write or incorporate them to what you’re writing, and you’re not limited or boxed to just one profession, or even confined in one workplace.  You can go wherever you want to be and write – you can be a teacher now while writing by the school park then a mom next week while writing by the cafe outside a grocery store then a little girl building sand castles while writing by the beach the next month and so on.  Oh, the endless possibilities!    You have the opportunity to influence people, connect with them, inform them, inspire them and encourage them.  And there are no age restrictions, no medical exams, as long as you have the words, the imagination, the inspiration and the resources to write. – a pen and paper at its minimum.

Okay, maybe it being a profession will involve a certain pressure to submit and meet deadlines but every person who loves to write knows that when the inspiration hits you – you can be up 24 hours and writing and not feel stressed out, tired of course because your body needs rest but your mind, that mind is jumping around bursting with energy!    And when you see your finished product – like a proud parent holding his child – that certain joy!

No, I’m not a professional writer, not yet.  Writing is my hobby. 🙂 And that doubles the joy! 😀 No pressure, my pleasure. 😉

How about you – what’s your ‘no pressure, my pleasure’ story? 😉 Do share.

Signature 1

Your Grace

In this moment
As I sit in silence
I feel the vast emptiness
The void I cannot fill

And at this moment
I search for answers
I try to come to terms
With reasons I feel

My tears, they fall
I’m ready to drown
Yet my tears aren’t enough
Even when a river I’ve cried
For Your mercy
Is the ocean they flow to
And Your love
Is the limitless horizon in view

It’s in this moment
That I’m caught in Your grace
Your love fills the emptiness
Your resurrection, my seal

Written: Thursday, February 06, 2014 9:00 AM

©djklmnopi ©debi620

The Little Things That Are Mine…

Flashback Friday, perhaps? (:  I continue to surprise myself.

©djklmnopi ©debi620 please / pakiusap / por favor / ください, do not reproduce without permission. (:  For your eyes only. 😉


After my last post in my old wordpress blog, I switched to Tumblr.  Back reading and scanning through my archives, I’m amazed at how I used to be (all the rants, raves and babaw moments; the angst I used to have, hobbies, and the humor, goodness the words I use!).  Honestly, my past self makes me smile. (:  I will give my self a pat on the back cos I turned out well. ((:  I will one day sit down and go through each year of my blog just to appreciate what God has walked me through.

If I Can … Maybe I Will

If I can make you smile
I’d like to say it’ll make my day
But your smile only lend my tears delay

If I can make you laugh
I’d like to say they’re music to my ears
But your laughter won’t stop my tears

If I can make this world any better
If I can make people peaceful to each other
If only I can make you see better
If only I can, maybe I can, maybe I will

08.19.14 13:58
© debi620 © djklmnopi

How Can You?

How can you un-want a desire you have that’s second to living
When you feel that it will give your life its meaning?

How can you block a light that is brightly shining
When in the shadows you are spent, hiding?

How can you walk away from your heart’s beating
When it’s the only thing that keeps you breathing?

08.17.14 16:08
© debi620 ©djklmnopi


A stare that launches butterflies in my stomach
A smile that sends me up to cloud nine
A touch that sends tingles to my spine
A voice so familiar yet catches me off-guard
A feeling making me giggly and weak in the knees
A glance that envelops like warm embrace
A hug that surely makes my day
A love, a feeling, here to stay.

07.18.14  17:36
©debi620  ©djklmnopi


When you find it
You hold on to it
Like you would of your most-prized possession.

Cleaving on to it
Savouring every inch of it
Like you do to your own dear life.

It may pass
It may never last
But right now,
It’s yours at last.

Though it may leave
And as it does you weep
But etched in your heart
A mark permanent and sweet.

And you know,
Once in your life you had it.
And you hope,
Once again you will find it.