When the heart is dry, the eye is dry.

~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


He loved…

This humble soul loved, and that was all.

~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

A Little Garden and a Vast Sky

A little garden in which to walk, and immensity in which to dream. At one’s feet that which can be cultivated and plucked; over head that which one can study and meditate upon: some flowers on earth, and all the stars in the sky.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

The most beautiful of altars…

The most beautiful of altars is the soul of an unhappy creature consoled and thanking God.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

What Do You Fear?

Let us never fear robbers nor murderers. Those are dangers from without, petty dangers. Let us fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices are the real murderers. The great dangers lie within ourselves. What matters it what threatens our head or our purse! Let us think only of that which threatens our soul.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

to fix its gaze upon a Star…

… to transform the grief which gazes upon a grave by showing him the grief which fixes it’s gaze upon a star.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

…the most sublime things are often those which are the least understood…

~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.