this is not a sad story

We all, at least once in our life, have exclaimed that LIFE IS UNFAIR. But how many of us has ever wondered why does life have to be unfair? What does life gets out of it, for being unfair?

I heard her ask the moon that question and I waited with her for the response. The moon was full and bright that night, unlike other nights. And I heard it, soft and calm. “I have a short time to shine, and cannot shine without the help of the sun. There are days I’m only seen in parts. I do not have all the glory. I am nothing without the sun, and sometimes I am nothing at all. I would like to think the same as you, that life sucks because it is unfair, but I have seen that without the limitations and dependencies, I will merely be just a round object in the sky, unappreciated and easily forgotten. Life is unfair because in the unfairness we learn to appreciate the little things that we become in different moments. It hurts and will hurt every time we go through the dark days of our lives, but there will always be a time where we shine and we can shine bright.

With tears in her eyes, she smiled and lifted her eyes back to the moon, “thank you, you have always been my friend. Life is unfair, it’s beautifully unfair, which also means that it can be pretty good as it can be pretty bad. I hope, it’ll be pretty good for me for the coming days.

And I found the answer, what does life gets out of being unfair – stories, beautiful and real stories of bravery, of hope and of love.