What Your Silence Mean

Silence means yes.
Silence means no.
Which statement holds true?
How will you know?

I sent you a message
I see that you’ve ‘seen’ it
The night passed, the sun came
Did you accidentally delete it?

I asked you a question
For old time’s sake’s chit chats
Maybe you’re doing the laundry
Or trying to bathe your cat.

If only I can read minds
Or see through the screen
Then maybe I’ll understand
What your silence mean.

©djklmnopi 09.26.14 16:16


Don’t Stop

No one can have it all figured out. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up with life’s mysteries and stop your yearning to understand.

Realizing leads to understanding which leads to actions that are geared towards improving your situation. Don’t stop looking for answers, for the missing pieces in your life’s puzzle, they are all out there just waiting to be discovered.

The best place to start your search is in the stillness of your heart. In the quiet, ask, seek, and you shall find. In solitude emerges self-discoveries that are vital to self-improvement. With the hustle and bustle of our world, it is a struggle to find that moment of quiet. Take the time, find the place.

I still have a long way to go as I am one who is easily and constantly distracted. Discipline. If ever you question why we need to spend so many years in school studying different stuffs that most won’t be used by us in the future, it’s all about discipline and perseverance. And these are what I need to keep myself from being distracted with the unnecessary. That also made me realize, the decade of schooling wasn’t a waste of years after all. (:

Bottomline: Don’t stop… Searching, asking, looking, finding answers, believing, praying, trusting. Don’t stop. It may take a while, maybe longer, whatever circumstance, wherever you may be right now, don’t stop.