Rain grows flowers

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
— Rumi


Last Friday Night

I posted not long ago about my thoughts on how a simple downpour can paralyze the metro.

Last Friday, I was one of the unlucky, or maybe just one of the blessed, ones who were caught in the frenzy of a downpour and flooding.  I left work hoping against all hope that even with the flashes of lightning and thunder I can make it to my sister’s workplace and then home.  There was no rain, just lightning and thunder.  I guess I cannot completely escape the week without really getting showered on.  Downpour is okay, I like rain… but flooding and getting stranded, ugh!!!

There were 3 blessings that night that I am very grateful for.

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When It Rains…

Tonight, there’s standstill in the metro. This is the life of every Filipinos in the metro. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours in Metro Manila, we roll our eyes, take a deep breath, hope against all hope that we can make it to wherever we wanna go with our sanity intact. It doesn’t matter whether you drive, you take the bus, or the jeepneys, we’re all on the same boat – sometimes literally we wish we’re on a boat instead so we can cross the flooded streets! Maybe those who take the train have it better Continue reading

Thor’s Day & Twister Fries

Thunderstorm right on time on another Thor’sDay work dismissal! Talaga naman! So, I was forced into an overtime to let the rain and traffic pass and make sure there is no flooding. Therefore, I got the chance for a McDonald’s delivery!!!

Today, Twister fries are back at McDonalds and in my excitement and craving, I ordered the BFF size! 😂 of course, I wasn’t able to finish it off! And I feel bloated afterwards cos I also had chicken and rice. 😋 as much as I miss Twister fries, I don’t think I can have another one soon. But will definitely have another before they take it out of the menu! 😊 BFF size hoping I get to share it with friends over chit chats and laughter. With a caramel sundae. ❤️

What’s your twister fries story? (: