Last Friday Night

I posted not long ago about my thoughts on how a simple downpour can paralyze the metro.

Last Friday, I was one of the unlucky, or maybe just one of the blessed, ones who were caught in the frenzy of a downpour and flooding.  I left work hoping against all hope that even with the flashes of lightning and thunder I can make it to my sister’s workplace and then home.  There was no rain, just lightning and thunder.  I guess I cannot completely escape the week without really getting showered on.  Downpour is okay, I like rain… but flooding and getting stranded, ugh!!!

There were 3 blessings that night that I am very grateful for.

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Architecture Appreciation

By someone who knows nothing about architecture! 😉

Most of the time overlooked and neglected by busy passersby, this sight sits in the middle of the very busy Taft Avenue blocked by the buses and jeeps.

Taken with: iPhone 5. 09.22.2014. Filtered via: Instagram.

A View To Remember

Shangri-La Boracay March 2012

Shangri-La Boracay March 2012.  The view from the room’s balcony. ♥

Taken with an Apple iTouch4. 😛 I’m actually proud of this shot considering the quality of the iTouch4’s camera.  But really, it’s because the sight is too serene and beautiful, this photo does not justify.