He Will Make Everything Beautiful

My dear Father who loves giving surprises has began His work… and I’m still uncertain where this is leading.  All I know and all I hold on to right now is the Word He gave me this morning from Ecclesiastes: “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  And He will make this circumstance I am in right now beautiful as well, in His time, in His perfect time.  And knowing God, there is just no way I can fathom or even imagine what He can possibly do for me.

Sometimes I would find myself trying to figure it out, which will only frustrate me obviously.  I went through hell yesterday feeling insecure, cheated, questioning and stupid.  I thank God for surrounding me with discerning people who knows to say the right thing as I grapple for His Word the whole day yesterday.  It was already evening when I finally see the word HOPE and TRUST which was staring at me all day long, which in my insecurities and questionings I failed to see.

The best thing for me to do right now, though it may not be the easiest, is to TRUST HIM WHOLLY and LEAN ON HIS UNDERSTANDING and HAND OVER THE PEN TO HIM (refills and all) for Him to write my story and BE PATIENT.  Not a matter of “OR” but AND’s … I have to fulfill the four!  Not easy… Yet possible.  By prayer, with thanksgiving, possible.  Please pray with me.  Thank you.


Perfectly Fitted

Cinderella’s glass slipper, that wonderful dress, that golden band… When they fit perfectly, it’s meant to be. A walk this morning made me realize more. Everything in life is meant to be. Anything and everything is perfectly fitted.

Your location, your condition, your reality and the resources you have, take a look and reflect on them, they are perfectly fitted for the you today, building up for a better you tomorrow. It may take a while, maybe even longer for some, to really see how the pieces in their lives are perfectly fitting together. But I am certain they all do, and acceptance is one of the key to seeing that. Accept, in serenity, the past and see how it has perfectly fitted in your life to bring you where you are now. Let go of a past that isn’t there, take with you the lessons. Live, with passion, the present as this is the moment of choices/decisions. And only when you have accepted your past and do best with the resources you have now that you can truly live in the present. Then face, with courage and faith, the future unseen. When you live your present with love and passion, you have nothing to be anxious about with the future because the Lord has already taken care of it, He asks that you trust Him.

Think about it. Where you’ve been, where you are, what you had, what you have, who you had, who you’re with… Everything fitted perfectly in your life. With that, make more good pieces, good memories, good choices, and be assured that they are also perfect fit in your life. ☺