Confession of a Make-Up Shopaholic

Powders and lippies, giggles and swearing with the pinkies… A girl will always be a girl.  ☺

I may have down played the role of make-ups in my life.  Well, my face never shouted “MAKE UP” anyway because I seldom use them but I have a certain fondness for them.  I love checking their packaging and sampling them; and going through the ingredients, shades and textures.  There lies my predicament.  I would often end up buying a powder or a lippie or a blush (in their retail size) and use it once or twice and then leave them to expire.  So it’s really a delight for me to find these beauty boxes which supply you samples of cosmetics as well as skin and body care products!  I subscribed to BDJ beauty box for starter and let’s see how it goes.  I look forward to the make-up samples but I am more excited for the skin care samples; I’m kinda vain in that department. ((:

Skin care is a must.  Make-up, on the other hand, is not.  It’s like the side dish to a main course, you can either have it or not and your tummy won’t really make a big deal of it.  You know the sense of gratification you get when you use up a pen to its last drop of ink? I never felt that with a pressed powder, a lippie or a concealer, cos I rarely use them before they expire!  

It has taken me some years of failing my budget and feeling bad for a purchase I do not use for me to realize enough is enough.  No more buying all shades of lippies just because I want the colors (they really look yummy!).  No more purchasing of powder or foundation just because the packaging is lovely or classy.  Yes, I am guilty of those.  Worse is, I do not just go to a drug store/supermarket and purchase them.  I usually get these stuff in Beauty Bar or branded cosmetic and skin care outlets in malls, just imagine the price range.  

With that awareness, I resolve to stick with the basics – cleanse-tone-moisturize; drink lots of water and green tea; eat healthy; get enough sleep; and use products with SPF.   My skin will soon thank me. (:

Okay, I cannot say totally no to make-up so I will keep it simple in the make-up department.  As most girls (if not every) will agree: oil-blotting films or a pressed powder and a colored lip balm/lippie always come in handy in your bag.  Aside from those, I have to have this in my pouch: Happy Skin’s ZZ cream for my monthly acne appearance.  It works impressively in calming, lightening and healing the zit without making my skin red and stingy (para selfie-ready! hahaha).  I have to say, that cream is like a Silmaril in a basket of cosmetics and skin care gems, especially for acne-prone skin. ♥  Note: Does not replace acne medication ointment.  It’s a second-skin/foundation cream for acne-prone skin to help lighten the zit while its ingredients heals it, for day-time use only. 

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I did say I will no longer splurge on make-ups, right?  But on skin care products, it’s a different story.  😉