Last Friday Night

I posted not long ago about my thoughts on how a simple downpour can paralyze the metro.

Last Friday, I was one of the unlucky, or maybe just one of the blessed, ones who were caught in the frenzy of a downpour and flooding.  I left work hoping against all hope that even with the flashes of lightning and thunder I can make it to my sister’s workplace and then home.  There was no rain, just lightning and thunder.  I guess I cannot completely escape the week without really getting showered on.  Downpour is okay, I like rain… but flooding and getting stranded, ugh!!!

There were 3 blessings that night that I am very grateful for.

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The most beautiful of altars…

The most beautiful of altars is the soul of an unhappy creature consoled and thanking God.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

GIVEAWAY ALERT! – Be Grateful and Win a PAC Philippines Make Over!

Lately, I’ve been really thankful for a lot of things in my life. During my unboxing of the BDJ Box that I received for the month of September, my first ever beauty box, there is a GC that I really do not know what to do with because I’m not into make overs. So while I’m in this spirit of gratitude and in an act of saying thanks to BDJ as well, I am going to give the PAC Philippines Make Over GC to one lucky person AND NOT ONLY THAT!  I want to share with you the spirit of GRATITUDE!


The mechanics is quite simple, as in simpleng simple lang. 😀

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Unworthy Yet Loved

It’s always better to see that we are undeserving and yet loved and getting what we do not deserve than to feel we are worthy and oblige the world to do our will, step on people somewhere in the process and see that we are truly undeserving. The effects on both situations, I’ll always go for gratitude over disappointment.

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