Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 2)

In case you haven’t read our Day 1 adventure, you can read it here.

Sunrise!  Oh, sunrise!  There’s no better way to start a day than having a really good-night’s sleep then waking up early for the sunrise!

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Slow start for the day.  We need to be ready by 9a.m. for our transfer back to Donsol where we’ll travel to Legazpi for lunch and our city tour.  By 6am, we’re all up, dawdling, undecided if we want to take a dip in the water or to go back to sleep maybe or go kayaking.  And so, we decided Continue reading


Exile for the 2nd Time

Having this theme, Exile, for the second time makes me appreciate it even more.  To have God’s Word laid out in front of me is such a treasure.  If the first time I swam in it, this time I’m diving in to it.  There is so much more to reveal, to know, to proclaim, and so much glory found in His Works, His Plans.

Lord, sustain me, sustain us! Cos, we can become tired and then lazy to move after a day’s work… sustain us to move our butts, lift up that book, the Bible and the pen, and read into Your message.  And prepare us, the group, for all that You are going to reveal in this theme.

Confession: I am struggling to keep my eyes open as of this writing… so my mind’s debating whether lunch break is for nap time or reading. 😛