Sweet Shoppe – November BDJ Box

Last month, I got this lovely little box from BDJ – an exclusive BENEFIT BEAUTY BOX!


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October BDJBOX – Skin Savers

This is the BDJ Box that welcomed me when I got back from a wonderful weekend with the Lord.  2 BOXES!  And since I was away for a while even to the tech world, I totally have no idea what Octobter BDJ Box included.  Ta-da!  One whole box for Dial and one huge box of BDJ goodies. 😀  I really recommend to you subscribing to this beauty box, if you’re in the Philippines.


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Looking Forward

Things I look forward to this month:
  1. The Starbucks 2015 Planner – nothing WOW but … a chalk pen?! I waaaant!
  2. The November BDJ Box.  This preview looks kinda familiar… Will I benefit from this? 😉
  3. The ECHO! 😀 Of course! Anything that can take me away from my crosses! Ha ha ha! Seriously, looking forward to a wonderful time with the Lord and hoping that our hearts (every single one present on that weekend) will be opened by God and that His Word will penetrate each one of us.
  4. Bonifacio Day Sale! I was at first looking forward to this weekend’s sale but then again, I checked my budget and I have to tighten my belt and “not grieve the Holy Spirit” so even when everything’s on sale this weekend – I have to fight the temptation.
Things I look forward to this December:
  1. Tim Ho Wan North Edsa opening on December 15!
  2. CHRISTMAS! 😀 Well, the Spirit of Christmas in people I meet – it’s just magical how when it’s Christmas, people are kinder, more considerate and more cheerful.  I look forward to that.
  3. Wrapping presents – I do miss doing crafts, it’s been a while.  I have stuff to work on for now so … December, I will be back on those stamps, papers and scissors! 🙂
  4. Holiday meals/get together – always a lover of good food and good company.

How about you? What are you looking forward to? 🙂  It’s nice to have things/events to look forward to – makes one grounded and motivated.  Always remember, hope is good fuel for the soul.  False hope, on the other hand, is bad for the spiritual health.  Keep in touch with God and He will send you the TRUE HOPE that we need. 😀

GIVEAWAY ALERT! – Be Grateful and Win a PAC Philippines Make Over!

Lately, I’ve been really thankful for a lot of things in my life. During my unboxing of the BDJ Box that I received for the month of September, my first ever beauty box, there is a GC that I really do not know what to do with because I’m not into make overs. So while I’m in this spirit of gratitude and in an act of saying thanks to BDJ as well, I am going to give the PAC Philippines Make Over GC to one lucky person AND NOT ONLY THAT!  I want to share with you the spirit of GRATITUDE!


The mechanics is quite simple, as in simpleng simple lang. 😀

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Beauty Innovations – a BDJ Unboxing Experience

A girl who loves receiving snail mails and packages – that’s me!  There’s just a certain joy in tearing up an envelope or a pouch and holding a paper or a box in your hand.  Technology has slowly taken away the joy of snail mails for me but I’m glad they haven’t found a way yet of depriving me the joy in tearing open packages! ((:

I was really delighted to see a package sitting prettily on our table, a relief from the stress of Manila traffic.  So I excitedly opened the box and ta-da!

BDJ Box for September 2014 - BEAUTY INNOVATIONS

BEAUTY INNOVATIONS (BDJ Box for September 2014)

Let me give you a run-through of the goodies inside. 🙂

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Whatta Monday – Thank You BDJ!

So I decided to start it steady with a cup of oatmeal, green tea latte and a book.  The day went a little toxic but manageable.  However, the drive home was insane!  Almost 2 hours on the road, hungry, and I had to hold my pee for an hour because I’m stuck in the middle of a pool of vehicles.  Oh Manila, you’re so predictable yet I always fail to prepare for you! >_<  How bad is the traffic?  Real bad that I had totally forgotten about my excitement in getting my first BDJ Box!  So it was much to my delight to find it sitting on our bedroom’s table waiting to be opened!

My First-Ever BDJ Beauty Box

My First-Ever BDJ Beauty Box

For my first, I am pretty pleased with what’s inside.  Really pleased!!! =D  Will post about them soon… For now, I need to work on my Abraham post, it’s long overdue. (:

Confession of a Make-Up Shopaholic

Powders and lippies, giggles and swearing with the pinkies… A girl will always be a girl.  ☺

I may have down played the role of make-ups in my life.  Well, my face never shouted “MAKE UP” anyway because I seldom use them but I have a certain fondness for them.  I love checking their packaging and sampling them; and going through the ingredients, shades and textures.  There lies my predicament.  I would often end up buying a powder or a lippie or a blush (in their retail size) and use it once or twice and then leave them to expire.  So it’s really a delight for me to find these beauty boxes which supply you samples of cosmetics as well as skin and body care products!  I subscribed to BDJ beauty box for starter and let’s see how it goes.  I look forward to the make-up samples but I am more excited for the skin care samples; I’m kinda vain in that department. ((:

Skin care is a must.  Make-up, on the other hand, is not.  It’s like the side dish to a main course, you can either have it or not and your tummy won’t really make a big deal of it.  You know the sense of gratification you get when you use up a pen to its last drop of ink? I never felt that with a pressed powder, a lippie or a concealer, cos I rarely use them before they expire!  

It has taken me some years of failing my budget and feeling bad for a purchase I do not use for me to realize enough is enough.  No more buying all shades of lippies just because I want the colors (they really look yummy!).  No more purchasing of powder or foundation just because the packaging is lovely or classy.  Yes, I am guilty of those.  Worse is, I do not just go to a drug store/supermarket and purchase them.  I usually get these stuff in Beauty Bar or branded cosmetic and skin care outlets in malls, just imagine the price range.  

With that awareness, I resolve to stick with the basics – cleanse-tone-moisturize; drink lots of water and green tea; eat healthy; get enough sleep; and use products with SPF.   My skin will soon thank me. (:

Okay, I cannot say totally no to make-up so I will keep it simple in the make-up department.  As most girls (if not every) will agree: oil-blotting films or a pressed powder and a colored lip balm/lippie always come in handy in your bag.  Aside from those, I have to have this in my pouch: Happy Skin’s ZZ cream for my monthly acne appearance.  It works impressively in calming, lightening and healing the zit without making my skin red and stingy (para selfie-ready! hahaha).  I have to say, that cream is like a Silmaril in a basket of cosmetics and skin care gems, especially for acne-prone skin. ♥  Note: Does not replace acne medication ointment.  It’s a second-skin/foundation cream for acne-prone skin to help lighten the zit while its ingredients heals it, for day-time use only. 

Photo 8-7-14, 21 19 32

I did say I will no longer splurge on make-ups, right?  But on skin care products, it’s a different story.  😉