Life is God’s novel.  Let Him write it.

~ Isaac Bashevis Singer


Abraham and Us

To trust someone is to lovingly depend on him, paraphrasing what Father Luis Sierra mentioned to us last Wednesday.  Trust is a big and heavy word, loving dependence on the other hand is a lovely, comforting word that gives me that warm fuzzy feel.

Dependence, trust, confidence, patience, FAITH – words closely-related to each other, interchangeable, huge words, words we know yet we struggle to understand and live out, words we often halfheartedly commit to.

One person, one name, revealed more than a word to me – Abraham.

Most of us know Abraham as the father of Faith.  Yet not most of us understand why he is the father of faith.  We think that his Continue reading

Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham

I am so into this theme and really inspired… questionnaires and activity all written/made with ♥. I’m excited to listen in to what my group mates have to say later… but not excited to speak myself! ((: Hope I don’t get too nervous and have an aching tummy again! ((: I am also looking forward to share here all that I have learned, seen and discovered in this theme! Soon!Photo 9-17-14, 9 39 50