A Happy Birthday to Me (:

No candle to blow (but we got a yummy moist choco cake from Conti’s it was heavenly and sinful at the same time!!), no gifts to tear open, no party hats, no sumptuous dinner but it didn’t make it less special. It went by like my previous days… another blessed day. (: Aside from the SMS alert I get from time to time, Thursday, June 20, went by like what a normal Thursday would be for me – go to work, pick up sister after work, and cold dinner. Okay, honestly, I have this nagging scene in my head of me eating cold dinner with only my sister and it seems to want to make me feel self-pity.  Maybe last year I would, but this time I don’t because that’s how it’s always been every Thursday and Friday night, cold dinner for us since we get home later than everyone else, nothing new, nothing to fret about, all’s well. We got edible and healthy food on the table and that’s what matters to me! ((: I’m just always glad to be home after a long day at work. 😛

So it was my birthday, and society dictates that one should be made to feel extra-special and be showered with attention on his/her birthday or that there should be a birthday treat or a party, even a birthday holiday. Nothing wrong with that, nothing bad about that, I like to have those – but the absence of them doesn’t make my birthday any less special. Gone were the days where I envision surprises for me each year on my birthday, which never came (Friends, I am still undecided whether I will be happy about that… hahaha).  Don’t get me wrong, I STILL LOVE SURPRISES! *hint hint* just that I will not be sulking or feeling bad if I don’t get one on my birthday, only that. (:  Because right now, I am overly grateful, God has surprised me more than I could have asked for, every day! And I feel loved and special, every day! Every day I wasn’t living up to God’s standard, I struggle (especially when I am behind the wheel, my goodness! Horns & tail out! Yun fork na lang kulang!!! And I thank God He never permitted me to have the fork, the damage it could have done!.).  Yet every single day, He looks after me, guides me, embraces me, loves me. The extra attention, the extra time from people who greeted me, they were greatly appreciated and were bonuses to an already blessed life. ♥

I will have to especially thank and mention a very dear friend, for asking me about my birthday wish, you were the only one who did!!! and for doing more than just greet me but went the extra effort to have a conversation with me… Gino!!! thank you… (:  We all know how busy you can get AND you remembered before the day ended! 😛

Well, I have to correct myself, having that extra time and attention from people that matter does make it feel a little more special. 😀