About Pixies and Stardust

Pixies and stardust and everything magical;

Thoughts and musings and all that’s comical;

Reading and writing and everything musical. ©

Welcome to the world of a frustrated writer and musician; I live for fun, sun and sand and feel most at home with nature; often quirky and perky.

♥ I am a princess who yearns to honor her Father, her God, her King. ♥
  • 13.  My number.
  • White tops. ♥
  • Prints, florals, plaid – LIKE!
  • Books.  Music.  Green tea.  Swimming pool.  Guitar.  Volleyball.  The beach.  Road trips.  Sleepovers. Strawberries. Flowers.  ♥
  • Japanese products, Japanese food – I drool.
  • I have a day-job to sustain my passion –  reading, writing, lettering, singing and traveling. 😀

More here: I was nominated to mention 7 facts about me! (:

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