Truly, God, in His Mercy, takes care and provides for His flock.  For me to be able to join the recent World Youth Day in Krakow is a miracle in itself.  He has converted the ‘yes’ into a possibility.  I had my reservations going into this trip – with all the chaos going on in most parts of Europe, then as we were nearing our departure via Turkish Airlines, there was bombing in the airport followed by a failed coup less than a week before we leave.  The trials never stopped there but with the loving mercy of our Lord, He has went ahead and prepared a way for us.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Litomerice, Czech Republic.

 Everything that comes into our lives is a moment of encounter with God.

From the homily by Fr. Bert during the Eucharistic celebration last July 25, 2016 at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Litomerice, Czech Republic.

It’s not only in the extravagant events or in the ‘fireworks display moment of our lives’ that we encounter God but also in the little moments and sometimes, for us, trivial events that He is there, nudging us, knocking in our hearts, presenting Himself to be recognized by our soul.  And it is easy to be distracted and to not see God in the midst of the noise and the activities, with the world presenting you with so much diversions, with sceneries and oh the potatoes. When we were reminded that Continue reading

On Print


Light flashed
The shutter sound
A moment captured
Frozen on print

Smiles plastered
Colors may fade
Just once gotten
Never the same

To hold in hand
To pass around
Once it’s given
May never be found

Thus is the story
Of a photo on print
Pressed the instax
Captured the scene

©djklmnopi 12.02.14 17:37

Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 3)

Click here for Day 1 & Day 2 adventures. (:

We went to bed without electricity and woke up still with none.  We’ve been bugging the front desk when power will resume, the sun’s risen and it’s starting to get warm inside the cabin.  We have a tour scheduled that day, our Naga heritage tour.  TWe had breakfast and waited by the reception area of CWC for the van for our tour.  While waiting, we took all opportunity to charge our gadgets.  Come on, they have generator but the generator cannot power up the area where our cabins were located!!!! We kept asking them when they expect power to come back, and they couldn’t give us a definite answer.  We requested to be transferred to cabins were the generator can supply power.  Now I’m not really sure whether we were able to transfer before or after our tour.  I think before.  Anyhoo, our van arrived, Continue reading

Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 2)

In case you haven’t read our Day 1 adventure, you can read it here.

Sunrise!  Oh, sunrise!  There’s no better way to start a day than having a really good-night’s sleep then waking up early for the sunrise!

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Slow start for the day.  We need to be ready by 9a.m. for our transfer back to Donsol where we’ll travel to Legazpi for lunch and our city tour.  By 6am, we’re all up, dawdling, undecided if we want to take a dip in the water or to go back to sleep maybe or go kayaking.  And so, we decided Continue reading

Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 1)

Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 1)

Before KathNiel showed us around Bicol via the big screen, LLCOM went around the region to explore.

LLCOM stands for the initial of our surnames Lo, Lao, Ching, Ong, Mendez, 8 of us.  While most people went to bask under the sun for LABORacay, we went to our own LLCOM BICOL adventure for Labor day 2014! 😉

A little history of how the trip was planned.  By far the most spontaneous planning I’ve encountered!

First, we booked our plane ticket July of 2013 because there was a seat sale from Cebu Pacific.  From one sms to another, we went for the location which can offer us the lowest fare for the long weekend of May 2014.  Yes, we have no particular destination in mind, we left it to chance.  ((:  After booking for 4 of us, that’s when we asked around for others to join.  Before 2013 ends there were already 7 of us booked for Legazpi and then we have forgotten about it.  Come 2014, it’s time to really think about where we’re heading, what are we going to do in Legazpi, where are we staying so by February of 2014, upon deciding we want to see Caramoan, we made bookings at Gota Village and CWC, fixing our itinerary.  We also booked our Legazpi City tour via the Donsol Eco Tour who is part of the Bangon Tour of the Department of Tourism with the aim of helping the victims of Yolanda and the Bohol Quake of 2013.  Oh, and there were 8 of us by now! 😀

Continue reading

Beauty. Adventure. Legendary. Inspiration. 2014

Last summer, I was blessed with a trip to the wonderful surfing and cultural paradise called Bali.  A huge shout out and thank you to the ever-generous LAO family (my uncle, auntie and cousins).

We had our layover at Changi Airport – the airport of orchids! ♥


We arrived in Bali in the evening and had a minor glitch, our transfer was not around – there has been a misunderstanding with our arrival date.  Anyhoo, we still got to our resort, The Samaya Villas at Seminyak Bali, and as soon as we got into our designated villas, my jaw dropped!  Continue reading