Makes Me Happy

A good read and a good breakfast in the morning is ❤️. A relaxed mind and a satisfied tummy makes me happy. No rush.

Breakfast and Book, makes sense to me. 😉

How about you? What makes you happy? (:

When It Rains…

Tonight, there’s standstill in the metro. This is the life of every Filipinos in the metro. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours in Metro Manila, we roll our eyes, take a deep breath, hope against all hope that we can make it to wherever we wanna go with our sanity intact. It doesn’t matter whether you drive, you take the bus, or the jeepneys, we’re all on the same boat – sometimes literally we wish we’re on a boat instead so we can cross the flooded streets! Maybe those who take the train have it better Continue reading

When people tell me to put God second…

When people tell me to put God second… I don’t understand. It doesn’t make me mad, it makes me sad. What can be more important than our time with God? It’s not even a tenth of the time we give to the world! He doesn’t even force us or require us or pay us to spend time with Him yet He showered us with so much than we deserve even with the very little attention we give Him.

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Unworthy Yet Loved

It’s always better to see that we are undeserving and yet loved and getting what we do not deserve than to feel we are worthy and oblige the world to do our will, step on people somewhere in the process and see that we are truly undeserving. The effects on both situations, I’ll always go for gratitude over disappointment.

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Balance and Priorities

How do you tell which one should be on top of your priority list?  I am seriously asking, just, how do you decide?  What considerations do you make to know which one should be first?

I always go for my gut feel or indulge myself to what I want, which I know isn’t the best thing to do, cos often, what I want isn’t what I need to do.  I want to sleep but I need to finish a work, for example… what I’d do – I’d sleep! ((: I’m sure I’ll get enough time for work, I do not have enough time for sleep.  My reasoning!

It took me quite a while to learn to ask the right questions and to weigh stuff so I can prioritise well.  Not rightly or correctly because there isn’t a right or correct way, in my opinion, on how priorities should be set.  We are a diverse set of people, we have different needs, different wants, different sets of thinking.  But whenever I am really caught in a dilemma and the Continue reading

No Pressure, My Pleasure

Me thinks writing is the best profession out there.  Let me count the ways.

You get to manage your own time, express yourself, let your imagination roam wild and free, learn new things so you can write or incorporate them to what you’re writing, and you’re not limited or boxed to just one profession, or even confined in one workplace.  You can go wherever you want to be and write – you can be a teacher now while writing by the school park then a mom next week while writing by the cafe outside a grocery store then a little girl building sand castles while writing by the beach the next month and so on.  Oh, the endless possibilities!    You have the opportunity to influence people, connect with them, inform them, inspire them and encourage them.  And there are no age restrictions, no medical exams, as long as you have the words, the imagination, the inspiration and the resources to write. – a pen and paper at its minimum.

Okay, maybe it being a profession will involve a certain pressure to submit and meet deadlines but every person who loves to write knows that when the inspiration hits you – you can be up 24 hours and writing and not feel stressed out, tired of course because your body needs rest but your mind, that mind is jumping around bursting with energy!    And when you see your finished product – like a proud parent holding his child – that certain joy!

No, I’m not a professional writer, not yet.  Writing is my hobby. 🙂 And that doubles the joy! 😀 No pressure, my pleasure. 😉

How about you – what’s your ‘no pressure, my pleasure’ story? 😉 Do share.

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Whatta Monday – Thank You BDJ!

So I decided to start it steady with a cup of oatmeal, green tea latte and a book.  The day went a little toxic but manageable.  However, the drive home was insane!  Almost 2 hours on the road, hungry, and I had to hold my pee for an hour because I’m stuck in the middle of a pool of vehicles.  Oh Manila, you’re so predictable yet I always fail to prepare for you! >_<  How bad is the traffic?  Real bad that I had totally forgotten about my excitement in getting my first BDJ Box!  So it was much to my delight to find it sitting on our bedroom’s table waiting to be opened!

My First-Ever BDJ Beauty Box

My First-Ever BDJ Beauty Box

For my first, I am pretty pleased with what’s inside.  Really pleased!!! =D  Will post about them soon… For now, I need to work on my Abraham post, it’s long overdue. (:

If You’re Sad, Tired and Lonely…

Born out of a conversation I had with a friend… A different version of the nursery rhyme “If You’re Happy and You know It”

If you’re sad, tired and lonely clasp your hands, and pray
If you’re sad, tired and lonely clasp your hands, and pray
If you’re sad, tired and lonely though your face may never show it, if you’re sad, tired and lonely clasp your hands, and pray

Thor’s Day & Twister Fries

Thunderstorm right on time on another Thor’sDay work dismissal! Talaga naman! So, I was forced into an overtime to let the rain and traffic pass and make sure there is no flooding. Therefore, I got the chance for a McDonald’s delivery!!!

Today, Twister fries are back at McDonalds and in my excitement and craving, I ordered the BFF size! 😂 of course, I wasn’t able to finish it off! And I feel bloated afterwards cos I also had chicken and rice. 😋 as much as I miss Twister fries, I don’t think I can have another one soon. But will definitely have another before they take it out of the menu! 😊 BFF size hoping I get to share it with friends over chit chats and laughter. With a caramel sundae. ❤️

What’s your twister fries story? (:

Your Grace

In this moment
As I sit in silence
I feel the vast emptiness
The void I cannot fill

And at this moment
I search for answers
I try to come to terms
With reasons I feel

My tears, they fall
I’m ready to drown
Yet my tears aren’t enough
Even when a river I’ve cried
For Your mercy
Is the ocean they flow to
And Your love
Is the limitless horizon in view

It’s in this moment
That I’m caught in Your grace
Your love fills the emptiness
Your resurrection, my seal

Written: Thursday, February 06, 2014 9:00 AM

©djklmnopi ©debi620

Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham

I am so into this theme and really inspired… questionnaires and activity all written/made with ♥. I’m excited to listen in to what my group mates have to say later… but not excited to speak myself! ((: Hope I don’t get too nervous and have an aching tummy again! ((: I am also looking forward to share here all that I have learned, seen and discovered in this theme! Soon!Photo 9-17-14, 9 39 50

Let Me Speak Some Nonsense With You

Making no sense can be liberating.  It’s like you can say whatever you want to say without even thinking about grammar or connection but just putting all these words out there and watching them play around and try to connect without connecting.  Not all thoughts make sense.  I know.  And it’s beautiful.  It is lovely how from one single, nonsense thought to another and another that something wonderful is being woven together.  It’s like picking up random pebbles by the road and then finding later on your child needs them for an assignment, to fill a jar and plant a little bamboo stick.

And I make no sense most of the time.  And I do not figure out sense from other people most of the time.  And it’s funny how I would remark “it doesn’t make any sense” when in fact, it’s just that I did not get it.  Maybe soul mates are like that – someone who understands your nonsense because it makes sense to him.  And it’s also beautiful, that you can say whatever and not be forced to make sense and then find that a person does truly understand.  Sometimes a little discussion over how nonsense it is can be healthy as well.  That is liberating.  Maybe they got it wrong.  We do not need someone to complete us, we need someone to unwind and free us from the rigidness of rules and trying to make sense, to let us speak and be, without limiting our thoughts.  We all need someone who brings out the nonsense in us and make us feel okay with it.

If I Can … Maybe I Will

If I can make you smile
I’d like to say it’ll make my day
But your smile only lend my tears delay

If I can make you laugh
I’d like to say they’re music to my ears
But your laughter won’t stop my tears

If I can make this world any better
If I can make people peaceful to each other
If only I can make you see better
If only I can, maybe I can, maybe I will

08.19.14 13:58
© debi620 © djklmnopi

How Can You?

How can you un-want a desire you have that’s second to living
When you feel that it will give your life its meaning?

How can you block a light that is brightly shining
When in the shadows you are spent, hiding?

How can you walk away from your heart’s beating
When it’s the only thing that keeps you breathing?

08.17.14 16:08
© debi620 ©djklmnopi


A stare that launches butterflies in my stomach
A smile that sends me up to cloud nine
A touch that sends tingles to my spine
A voice so familiar yet catches me off-guard
A feeling making me giggly and weak in the knees
A glance that envelops like warm embrace
A hug that surely makes my day
A love, a feeling, here to stay.

07.18.14  17:36
©debi620  ©djklmnopi


When you find it
You hold on to it
Like you would of your most-prized possession.

Cleaving on to it
Savouring every inch of it
Like you do to your own dear life.

It may pass
It may never last
But right now,
It’s yours at last.

Though it may leave
And as it does you weep
But etched in your heart
A mark permanent and sweet.

And you know,
Once in your life you had it.
And you hope,
Once again you will find it.

Why am I Still Here?

7/30/2013 5:04 PM

Closing time… Wasted time…?

Here I am, waiting for the clock to strike 6 so I can leave – few minutes less of an hour to go.

What am I doing with my life?  Is this really where I should be?  I try to grasp the meaning of this all.  If asked how I ended in this place, I often say, I just went with the flow.  Half-truth.  Circumstances led me here, but it is my indecision, my lack of direction that kept me here.  With that being determined, with that fact laid out there, what’s next?  I have often been told and judged to be too timid to act.  Friends meant well when they try to push me out of this zone, when they pep talk me to leaving this job, when they encourage me to work at Ocean Adventure (yes, to that point!).  Believe me, I took a step I normally wouldn’t.  I did act.  I went ahead.  I resigned.  I enrolled.  And still, I am here.  Resignation denied.  Home-schooling stopped.  What happened?  Was it still my indecision?  Didn’t I fight hard enough?  Didn’t I push harder?  All in the realm of ‘maybe’.  Wasn’t I misunderstood and misjudged once again?

As a daughter, let me tell all parents out there, be as supportive as you can be of your children.  Do not impose your dreams on them.  You may know best but you are not your child.  Not because you find a career good meant it will be good for your child.  Not because you cannot do it doesn’t mean your child cannot achieve.  And do not compute the money, the time, the effort you have given them and use that to threaten or coerce them to do your will.  Give them wings to fly, and never ever ever tell them they can’t fly.  My parents are supportive… partly, as typical Chinese parents do.  They support you in the arts while you’re young and when you are about to enter the real world, they only support you if you take business or whatever they think will bring in the most financial stability for you – definitely not drawing or writing or teaching or even singing.  If it had been differently, I would be on TV.  They divide your lives in numerical periods –at a certain age you should be like this, accomplished this, and yet they keep treating you like an eleven-year-old.  I know I may not understand yet how it is to be a parent.  I will write about that when the time comes.  But for now, this is the sentiment of a daughter who wanted to spread her wings but found herself caged in.  It is easy for other people to say – go ahead, jump ahead, to push you forward – because they are not the ones who will dishonor their parents.  Sometimes, I do think about it – this is about me and my life, my happiness… and I should be the one in control, not my parents.  But how do you act on something without considering the feelings of other people, especially people who have been with you through the years?  I must say, my parents did teach me well – they did a pretty good job in instilling respect for them, even though they always tell me I disrespect them (when I answer back).  I can be a rebel with a cause, a daughter who fought for her happiness in spite of, the girl who reached for her dreams and (hopefully) found that it’s what she expected and more, and then what? All that is ahead are uncertain.  What I only have is right now – this job, this family, the community and God.

Sometimes, like today, I am bothered.  An idle mind is truly the devil’s playground.

I pray, Lord, that you sort through my heart’s desires and take away those against Your will for me.  I ask for Your guidance and for the fulfillment of these desires.  I seek You and Your will, Your plan.  I knock and knock and will keep on knocking until You make a way for the fulfillment of Your will.  And I will hold on to the hope and future You promised, Lord.  And I will hold on to your command to honor and obey parents as it is well for me (Ephesians) and it pleases You. (Colossians).

When I look to God, when I see Christ, when I remember all that’s been done for my salvation … I know I am not lost, and I have this Hope that wherever I am, God will still fulfill His will for me.  He already has a set time for every event in my life.  I just have to be a little more patient and a lot more courageous.

Let’s Meet In Dreams

I dreamt of you again, it was a good dream, kinda weird (as most dreams are) but good.

And that made me wonder, how do you wake up when you get to dream of me?

So from one thought to another came the idea, what if dreams are two-way or like a meeting place?  Whenever I get to dream of these people, these people are also exactly dreaming the same dream like mine, that we are what we are in the dream.  And we’d all wake up talking about one same dream.  Wouldn’t that be a blast!  It’s like a sleep-meeting.  Hahaha  And in dreams, we can travel as far, do things as crazy as our imagination can take us.

I hope to dream of you often, and if dreams can send signals, I’m hoping I’d be sending some good signals your way. ♥

Same goes to all my friends who are so far away, well even those close around…  Let’s meet often in my dreams! (:

The Place I Run To Rest

I’m running barefeet, loving each soft landing.  The flowers and grass wave, the leaves rustle, the wind kisses my face.  This is such a bliss.  Above, a blue so calming.  Below, a green so relaxing.  I stop to catch my breath, look around and absorb the beauty of this place.  Oh, to lie down on this soft grass bed and stare at the birds flying in this vast clear sky.  Music.  The chirping, the rustling leaves, the water flowing in a brook nearby.  It’s so inviting to close your eyes, because the beauty is just indescribable and the music is so comforting.

This is where I run to rest. A short moment where I leave reality and lose myself in a different world.  I see this in my mind and I focus on how relaxing it is to be there.

Then I breathe out, open my eyes and I’m back here at work.  Looked out the office window, it’s brown…

BROWN?! Why is the outside pale brown?!

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