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On Print


Light flashed
The shutter sound
A moment captured
Frozen on print

Smiles plastered
Colors may fade
Just once gotten
Never the same

To hold in hand
To pass around
Once it’s given
May never be found

Thus is the story
Of a photo on print
Pressed the instax
Captured the scene

©djklmnopi 12.02.14 17:37

Breakfast Is Served


This is funny but I feel like I’m unwinding early in the morning! Didn’t get enough sleep… >_< SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. VERY IMPORTANT! And so is reading and writing, for me. ((:



According to my aunt who gave me this keychain from her recent trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii, ‘Kepi’ is the equivalent of my name in the Hawaiian alphabet. 🙂

Architecture Appreciation

By someone who knows nothing about architecture! 😉

Most of the time overlooked and neglected by busy passersby, this sight sits in the middle of the very busy Taft Avenue blocked by the buses and jeeps.

Taken with: iPhone 5. 09.22.2014. Filtered via: Instagram.

Not a nice CBTL experience but will let it pass.


Cannot rave about this particular branch… No tea latte, bad air-conditioning, and I said for-here mug and I’m given this… Yet here I am sitting at one of the tables while waiting. Says a lot about me, or not really…?

A View To Remember

Shangri-La Boracay March 2012

Shangri-La Boracay March 2012.  The view from the room’s balcony. ♥

Taken with an Apple iTouch4. 😛 I’m actually proud of this shot considering the quality of the iTouch4’s camera.  But really, it’s because the sight is too serene and beautiful, this photo does not justify.

Instagram Recommendation

Follow: @NatGeoAlaska for amazing and wonderful photos of the Alaskan nature and wildlife. 😀 Makes a dull day bright and lets you see that the world is indeed a beautiful place.


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