How Can You?

How can you un-want a desire you have that’s second to living
When you feel that it will give your life its meaning?

How can you block a light that is brightly shining
When in the shadows you are spent, hiding?

How can you walk away from your heart’s beating
When it’s the only thing that keeps you breathing?

08.17.14 16:08
© debi620 ©djklmnopi



A stare that launches butterflies in my stomach
A smile that sends me up to cloud nine
A touch that sends tingles to my spine
A voice so familiar yet catches me off-guard
A feeling making me giggly and weak in the knees
A glance that envelops like warm embrace
A hug that surely makes my day
A love, a feeling, here to stay.

07.18.14  17:36
©debi620  ©djklmnopi


When you find it
You hold on to it
Like you would of your most-prized possession.

Cleaving on to it
Savouring every inch of it
Like you do to your own dear life.

It may pass
It may never last
But right now,
It’s yours at last.

Though it may leave
And as it does you weep
But etched in your heart
A mark permanent and sweet.

And you know,
Once in your life you had it.
And you hope,
Once again you will find it.