What You Let Distracts You.

For the past 3 days, I’ve been repeatedly listening to Joyce Meyer’s ministry on podcast about this topic: Using Your Time Wisely.  I know I needed a lot of guidance in that aspect of my life and I know I needed to do something about it.  I listen to it again and again because I want to internalize every single lesson I am going to get from this ministry.  True enough, our gracious God sent His help in the matter.  Aside from the ministry, I am given today a strong Word about God’s visitation in my life.  Just when the term ‘visitation’ resonated with me from that podcast ministry, I get a reading that warns me about what happen when I do not realize God’s visitation in my life.

What about visitation from the podcast ministry of Joyce Meyer?

The word visitation and the meaning and importance of it resounded to me only on the second day I listened to the ministry.  It made so much impact on me that I pondered on it – what do I usually do when God distracts my routine, my plan?  Do I welcome Him like what Mary did or do I go about with my itinerary as what Martha did?  How many times have I let an advertisement online, or an email about an online sale, distract me from checking my work emails?  Ooooh a sale – click!  And then I spent time browsing through items, computing how much I can save… an hour will pass, maybe two, and my eyes would sting from the long stare I do at the computer before I can shake myself off from that some-kind-of-a-trance and go back to work.  Or how many times and how much time have I let myself be lured into checking a message on my mobile phone?  Just one message, I’d tell myself.  And the next thing I know I’m browsing through photos in Instagram and then searching for related photos. Oh the devil knows where to catch us, he definitely knows how to distract us, that’s how predictable we’ve become.  Sometimes I imagine the devil telling God, “Look, this child of yours, I can make her waste her precious time and money… ”  and it’s so sad that often I let the enemy win!  You know how it feels when you have an enemy tell you “you will do this” and you want to prove him wrong but ending up proving him right?  !!! Most of all, it hurts to know I fail God, all the shame I feel for letting the enemy win.  Ain’t I supposed to be God’s child?  What happened?

It’s a blessing to hear Joyce talk about using time wisely and letting GOD DISTRACT ME.  I will testify to this: many times while busy at work, a name, a friend, a person will cross my mind and there is something that I need to tell this person, or something I need to do for them. However, often, my reaction would be – I’m busy, it can wait.  Until the chance has passed and I’ve totally forgotten about it only to be reminded by the consequence of my inaction.  Can you relate?  That’s why, whenever I hear that whisper, whenever I feel that tug in my heart to reach out to someone, even just to say hi or ask how he or she is doing, or do something for someone, I say a prayer to confirm it and take a minute or two off my “busy” schedule to give in to God’s tugging.  And oh how lovely it feels afterwards, always.  Take note, however, that this doesn’t mean that you have to entertain ALL the distractions from friends, from people, or any thoughts that enter your mind – discern when it is God’s and when it is deceiving you.  And the only way to discern is to be led by the Spirit, to let the Spirit speak to you by praying – you know it when you have that peace in you.

Related Bible verses (I hope you take time to read by clicking the link or opening your own BIble) :

Jesus went to visit Mary and Martha – Luke 10:38-42
There is time for every thing under the sun (not counting time to waste 😛 )- Ecclesiastes 3 (here lies so much to understand and so much revelation, a separate post will be made. 🙂 )

What about the warning I received this morning?

The gospel reading for today is Luke 19:41-44.  I was reading through it and was stopped when I read the word “visitation” in the last verse.  I am reminded of what I knew about visitation from the podcast (and it’s still so fresh) and I see that God is slowly revealing to me how important it is – this visitation by Him.  I am seeing how it is a good thing that God “bothers” me and how it is important that I recognize these as visitations from Him.  And, like Mary, I should learn to stop whatever I am doing, to pause for a while, to be still and not be anxious about anything (like Martha) and listen to what God wants to tell me, what He wants me to do.

God visited me today and compelled me to share this.  To whoever reads this, I know you come across this post, this Word because you need it.  And if you reach this part, congratulations, you have welcomed God’s knocking and I pray that a Word have made it in your heart for you to reflect and meditate on for days to come.  He wants to reveal things to us, only if we SPEND TIME with Him than on things that are fleeting.  24 hours is always enough if we only know how to use our time wisely, not wastefully.

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