October BDJBOX – Skin Savers

This is the BDJ Box that welcomed me when I got back from a wonderful weekend with the Lord.  2 BOXES!  And since I was away for a while even to the tech world, I totally have no idea what Octobter BDJ Box included.  Ta-da!  One whole box for Dial and one huge box of BDJ goodies. 😀  I really recommend to you subscribing to this beauty box, if you’re in the Philippines.


The DIAL box includes this yummy scent of body wash and soap. 🙂


And the BDJ Box includes these wonderful goodies from Revlon, L’oreal, Dove, Yves Rocher, My Choice and Yay! Strip


I have a moody skin, therefore, I am very careful with the soap and lotions that I use.  As for soap, I only trust DOVE Sensitive, that’s it.  I did try others from time to time but I always go back to Dove – Sensitive.  No scent.  Safest.  As for lotions, I’m now using the Jergen’s Ultra Healing that I got from September’s BDJ Box.  So, most of the items in this box have been given to my siblings and our kasambahay. 🙂 and some going to be part of the Christmas presents I’m giving away to my friends. 😉  The family can certainly make use of the huge Dial liquid wash and soap. I am still happy for this box even if there’s not much in it that I will personally use out of preference and not out of the products per se.

For only Php 580.00 per month, you receive a box-full of goodies for your skin care and make-up needs/wants.  🙂 If you want to subscribe, click here!  Hurry, subscription for March 2015’s BDJ Box is now open!!!  You can opt to subscribe for a 6-month’s worth of boxes (discounted price) so you won’t miss out.  You never know when they’ll be giving away an “exclusive” boxes.  By now, most of the bellas have been buzzing about November’s exclusive BENEFITxBDJ Box.  I haven’t received mine yet but I am giddy and looking forward to it.  *fingers crossed*  Hoping I get the High Beam and the Posie Balm and the Bathina – really want to try them out! 🙂

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