Hey – Ya!

It’s been a while – writing.  I haven’t written much at all, and even read that much.  This week went by like a haze as I have to go through task after task at work and after work.  And to make things more challenging, I got a bad cold!  Yet, I praise and thank God I got through the week – accomplished and sane. 😛  I will go back to writing down thoughts and inspirations this week – MUST! 🙂

Towards the end of October, I spent a lovely weekend on a 3-day retreat with wonderful people to listen to the amazing and strong word of God.  I rested – literally and figuratively.  And it’s nice that it’s somewhere away from the metropolis where the air is fresh and a little cooler.  This is also the first time I joined this retreat so I was really excited and looking forward to it.  And as always, God never ever disappoints, not that it mattered to Him but you get the drift – I’m always in awe of what He does for me.  And to cap off that weekend, I got my October BDJ Box when I got back home!!! 😀  (to be posted hopefully soon!)

The following weekend is when I got the bad cold, partly out of fatigue at work (my paper works seem to pile up each day even when I’m addressing them double time!) and the change in weather.  There wasn’t much time for rest either as we went to the cemetery that weekend to remember the dead on the 1st of November.  Aside from that, I was having a hate hate relationship with our internet connection at home – failing to sync the files in Google.  Grrrr!  I needed some files to work on for our upcoming retreat this November.

Finally, I got hold of the files and prayed hard, really hard, for God to help me and sustain me to work on this videos.  I have to put the subtitle, I have the videos and the transcription readied by other people already. 🙂  It was a first-time for me, to do sub-titling.  I used the Windows Movie Maker. It was such a tiring but wonderful experience as I can only work on this outside of work or during break time so i squeezed in as much time as I can in working on it.  I learned some Italian which makes me giddy!  La verita! 😉  Bene! 😀  I was so relieved and ecstatic when I was able to get it done in time for another community to use it.  Though it’s not something I’m proud of – I wanted to polish and subbed even those spoken in English and Filipino but then that will take much time and I wouldn’t make it to the deadline. OC-ness has to be disregarded and swallowed like a bitter pill ((:  THANK YOU LORD for making it all work out well.  I was worried at times cos the program would crash in the middle of subbing that I ended up saving each time I put on a phrase. 😛

And to reward myself for all I went through these 3 weeks, I shopped!  Actually, my mom treated me to an H&M shopping spree.  If not for the time constraint as we have other places to go to, I would have bought more than those I’ve picked and my mom would have taken her word back…. Hahahaha.  I’m a little bummed though for that faded/washed skinny jeans, my size is already out of stocks.  It’s been quite a while since I went into a store and just grabbed whatever I wanted and placed it in the shopping bag – all to fit.  I do check the price tag and I have a ceiling price for each piece of apparel.  Of course I take into consideration where I am.  So for the trousers/jeans/pants I grabbed anything that’s below Php 2,000.  And for the tops, anything that’s below Php 1,000.  I wanted to grab all the colors of their plain tees and sleeveless jerseys but I have to get hold of myself. >_<  stress shopping! ((:  I would definitely go back for their jeans – I want their cut and length, fits me quite well.  Length has been my concern whenever I go shopping for a pair of jeans, it’s hard to want a non-expensive jeans and find that it fits me well (cut, length and texture).  My H&M shopping – 2 thumbs up, one for the clothes I got and the other one because it’s free! 😀

PS. I’m also done shopping for Christmas presents for my lady friends! 😀  During the Halloween weekend, Etude House offered 20% store-wide while VMV offered 25% treats except for their Armada Line.  So I grabbed the sale, went to SM department store who happened to offer additional 10% discount on top of the brand discount when you purchase 1.5K above! 😀  Yay for sale and discounts and skin care! 😉

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