Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 3)

Click here for Day 1 & Day 2 adventures. (:

We went to bed without electricity and woke up still with none.  We’ve been bugging the front desk when power will resume, the sun’s risen and it’s starting to get warm inside the cabin.  We have a tour scheduled that day, our Naga heritage tour.  TWe had breakfast and waited by the reception area of CWC for the van for our tour.  While waiting, we took all opportunity to charge our gadgets.  Come on, they have generator but the generator cannot power up the area where our cabins were located!!!! We kept asking them when they expect power to come back, and they couldn’t give us a definite answer.  We requested to be transferred to cabins were the generator can supply power.  Now I’m not really sure whether we were able to transfer before or after our tour.  I think before.  Anyhoo, our van arrived,with Tin as our tour guide and Arthur our van driver.  Our first stop – Mt. Isarog to see Malabsay falls which is located inside the mountain.

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We had so much fun in the falls, the water was cold but very refreshing and very clear you can actually drink it, it’s really AMAZING!!!! 😀  So after the cold dip in the falls, we went back down to Panicuason Hot Springs for some, well as the place is called, hot spring dipping. 😉  Tin also coordinated with the resort to have our lunch there.  So for the morning, we only had 2 stops, we enjoyed the falls so much. Hehe…

After our lunch, it’s time now for some Naga City tour.  Arthur and Tin were saying that we might cut the trip short since what we paid for was the half-day tour and we stayed too long in the falls.  But after some “haggling” we got them to agree to bring us to all the places mentioned in the tour package, and some more! ((:

For the city tour, we went to the Basilica Minore, Peñafrancia Church, passed by the People’s Mall and the House of Pili – oh the pili delicacies!!!! I love the Mazapan de Pili the most!!!! ♥ Not included in the list, we also passed by the Naga Cathedral, the tomb of Mr. Jesse Robredo and their home.  In between the tour, Arthur and Tin were kind enough to bring us to taste Naga’s kinalas, a noodle meal using the pork’s head to make the broth and the remaining meat of the head and sometimes the brain as the main ingredients – it’s YUMMY, heart attack but really yummy!! To cap-off the whole tour for that day, we had halo-halo at DJC (we really begged for that!)  Actually, all the food stops were requested by us. ((:

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Upon returning to CWC, we’re bummed to find out that power has not been restored.  Good thing we were transferred to cabins were the generator can supply power so at least we’re able to cool ourselves down.  So we decided to play a board to pass the time before dinner game instead – THE ULTIMATE WEREWOLF! Fun game! (:  We ended Day 3 with a dinner after the fun game then packing our stuff for tomorrow, we leave Naga and go back to Legazpi for our flight back to Manila…

NOTE: Tin recommended staying in NAGA CITY instead, there are many hotels in the city which is more accessible if you want to explore by yourselves.  CWC is more for the wake-boarders and is far from the center, it will be hard to travel by yourself if you’re not familiar with the commute in the province. (:

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