Last Friday Night

I posted not long ago about my thoughts on how a simple downpour can paralyze the metro.

Last Friday, I was one of the unlucky, or maybe just one of the blessed, ones who were caught in the frenzy of a downpour and flooding.  I left work hoping against all hope that even with the flashes of lightning and thunder I can make it to my sister’s workplace and then home.  There was no rain, just lightning and thunder.  I guess I cannot completely escape the week without really getting showered on.  Downpour is okay, I like rain… but flooding and getting stranded, ugh!!!

There were 3 blessings that night that I am very grateful for.

First is the guidance.  I have 2 major routes available for me and I always took the shorter one wherein I pass this avenue going to the hospital where my sister works.  The other one is where I pass this boulevard going to her workplace, longer in terms of time since I pass through a number of traffic lights on the way.  Both routes are easily flooded, I just have to choose before I reach the crossroad where the route will be decided.  I kept praying for guidance, for the choice I need to make.  I went for the second route.  I was hoping that the downpour was just that side of the city and not on the easily flooded boulevard.  Well, I got stranded, alright, the same way I’d be if I took my usual route – BUT… here’s the second blessing, there’s a fast food outlet near where I encountered the hardest downpour.  I just have to make it to their parking then wait it out, grab something to eat while in the process of waiting.  I made it to the fast food store, double parked, but cannot get out of the car since I can’t leave the car there while blocking the other parked cars.  And the downpour.

Photo 10-3-14, 19 36 23

When I was parked, wiper is no use.

So I waited and waited, the minutes felt like hours cos I was already hungry and shivering (out of the fear for flood).  I turned off the engine, sat there, made some calls, waited, praying, taking deep breaths to calm myself, remembering Philippians… do not be anxious – I might have an anxiety attack hahaha I don’t like them!  By coincidence, by chance, definitely not by planning, really blessed to be double parking right near a lamp post! So… I need to calm my nerves, I started reading (after taking these two photos). (:

Photo 10-3-14, 19 42 22

When the rain has mellowed down and I got to talk to the security guard of the fast food outlet, I finally made it inside, use the restroom, and had my dinner.  Hours went by.  I estimated than an hour and a half will be enough to let the flood subside as the rain has stopped.  Alas!  It didn’t that night.  By 22:30, I was already feeling tired, cold and sleepy (I got there before 20:00).  I was still hopeful I’ll make it home that night.  After another half an hour, I called up the MMDA to inquire about traffic and flood situation.  I was told that both routes I plan to take are still flooded.  One is completely impassable for light vehicles, the other one passable but not all vehicles dare to.  Well, I know why.  Haha… we have the weirdest roads, I think.  You think the flood is just gutter deep but when you get in the middle of that flooded street, you’ll regret it! ((:  And the traffic was bad because of the flooded streets.

It came to a point where I need to find some place to stay for the night.  I SMS-ed up my friends who live nearby.  I was really hesitant.  It’s already way into the night, almost midnight, I do not feel comfortable hassling people.  But I need to swallow my pride, to humble myself.

My friend replied at once.  I drove to their place.  She greeted me laughing.  Here’s the amazing hand of God at work.  She told me that usually, she’s the first one asleep before her husband and her husband was already asleep by the time I messaged them.  That night, she was still awake playing on her phone.  I have no explanation, it’s simply God at work. (:

And before I went for my Z’s, thanking the Lord for His guidance and blessing, I realize one more thing – that night, what I went through, is not even a tenth of what some people go through – hungry, tired, cold, no bed to lie on, and no roof to cover them.  It moved me and humbled me even more.

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