Lip Care :)

A staple in every girl’s pouch will be a lip balm, a lippie or a lipstick. It’s a skin care basic and essential as well.

Sadly, it has come to a point where drinking all the water you can in a day cannot keep your lips well-hydrated and moisturised – with all the salt in our food intake, the stress and the pollutants, even our lips are taking their share of damage. 😦

I’m not really a lipstick-wearer. I’m more of the balm-type girl who can’t live without her lip balm. 🙂  And I love when my lips look and feel hydrated even without it being as red as Snow White’s.  The balm-hype started when I got chopped lips back in college.  On cooler weather, I had bleeding lips! It’s not fun anymore and it’s painful when you smile – that’s when I started to depend on lip balms.

I want to share with you the staples in my pouch, my lip care products.

  • Armada from VMV Hypoallergenics as my clear balm with SPF. I like that it has no scent nor taste, and the SPF is important!!!
  • Maybelline New York‘s Pink Lolita as the colored balm I use from time to time to add color to my pale lips.  This has a subtle scent and taste, I can bear, I love how it makes my lips look soft and healthy.
  • Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me in Crushing On You for an MLBB look whenever I’m in the mood for some lipstick. Love! ♥ This is a moisturising lippie so it doesn’t make your lips look dry, but I usually top it with the Armada balm for glossy look.

I made a recent purchase of the Infracyte Luscious Lips.  Will see how it works with me. 😉

Lip Care

Lip Care

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