Before She Dated a Gangster, LLCOM was Here! (Bicol Day 2)

In case you haven’t read our Day 1 adventure, you can read it here.

Sunrise!  Oh, sunrise!  There’s no better way to start a day than having a really good-night’s sleep then waking up early for the sunrise!

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Slow start for the day.  We need to be ready by 9a.m. for our transfer back to Donsol where we’ll travel to Legazpi for lunch and our city tour.  By 6am, we’re all up, dawdling, undecided if we want to take a dip in the water or to go back to sleep maybe or go kayaking.  And so, we decided to do kayaking before having our breakfast.  🙂  The resort has 3 kayaks for us to use.

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So after our relaxing greet to a beautiful morning, we had our breakfast buffet, took our time eating, chit-chatting, then fixed our stuff to get ready for our transfer back to Donsol.

The boat ride back to Donsol was wow!  We left Ticao with the water really calm.  Calm like a swimming pool!

That is not a pool, it's the sea!

That is not a pool, it’s the sea!

Then somewhere in the middle of our trip, our boat stopped.  ((:  But with the water real calm, it wasn’t something to panic about.  Honestly, the first thing I thought of was “I’m not wearing a life vest.” Yet I cannot panic, no room for panic, everyone’s calm and collected, I cannot be the first to panic, right?  So I got busy with taking pictures and finding distraction so I wouldn’t think that we’re kinda ‘tumirik’ in the middle of the sea.  After a few minutes, the boatmen got it moving.  We met some strong waves nearing Donsol but it’s no biggie, I feel safe already and land isn’t that far, I think I can swim if ever. Hahaha the thoughts while out in the sea. 😛

And so the van awaits, we rode back to Legazpi for our lunch and our city tour!  We dropped by the 1st Colonial Grill to buy their kakaibang ice creams…

Sili Ice Cream,

Sili Ice Cream, Pili Ice Cream, Salabat Ice Cream, Malunggay Ice Cream, Kalamansi Ice Cream, Tutuong na Bigas (Pinipig) Ice Cream

We had our lunch at Sea Dog Diner in Legazpi (all arranged by Donsol Eco Tour) and I had their Bicol Express pasta! 😉

Bicol Express Pasta!!!

Bicol Express Pasta!!!

When our tummies have already been filled up, it’s time to go see the most of what we can see in Albay. 🙂

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One conversation in the van during our tour: I asked the guide (I’m really sorry I forgot his name!) “pyesta ba dito ngayon?” (Is it the fiesta (a feast day) here in Albay?) and the guide replied, “hindi naman mahilig mag siesta dito” (people here don’t usually do siesta / nap at noon time) something like that, it’s not verbatim. I actually repeated the question twice before he gave me that answer.  ((:  Play on words?

We ended our Day 2 with an almost 3-hour van ride to Pili, Camarines Sur because there’s a bridge under maintenance/repair.  We checked-in at CWC, our abode for 2 nights.  Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to use senior citizen cards to avail of discounts because we booked their “PROMO” rates.  Their cabin has this sauna vibe, all wood and even the scent, it feels like you’re in a sauna.  However, I’m not sure if it’s because they’re on promo that’s why either there’s a missing knob, lacking towels, missing shower head, etc.  Some of us had to transfer to a different cabin because the ones assigned to us wasn’t livable for the night.  And, the power went out around the time we’re already about to sleep.  Electricity might be on promo, too? 😛

More adventures soon, on Day 3.  For now, we say goodnight to Day 2, the cabin indeed felt like a real sauna. ((:

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