The Pixie Shop is now UP!

As I mentioned in my past post, I will put up a page to sell some skin care and cosmetics that I have kept, some unused, some used once or twice.  Nothing must go to waste.  I’m sure at least one soul out there will find this product useful and can maximise it, I’m just not that person. 😛  Basically, these are products that I purchased but didn’t get to use or I find that I cannot use them.  Remember, I made a confession about this. 😉

Currently there are 2 really good product up in the shop, from 2 trusted and good brands.  I’ll be adding up some more and will keep you posted.  I need to catch my Zs now.

Check out my Pixie Sale (for lack of the term to use – it’s not garage sale, nor wardrobe sale…). 😛

However, I can only cater to buyers residing in the Philippines as shipping fee will cost me a lot for international shipment.  Still, wherever you are located, feel free to view the products as I also linked them to their brand’s page and they just might have international shipping (but of course in their regular selling price).

Share your thoughts... :)

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