Beauty Innovations – a BDJ Unboxing Experience

A girl who loves receiving snail mails and packages – that’s me!  There’s just a certain joy in tearing up an envelope or a pouch and holding a paper or a box in your hand.  Technology has slowly taken away the joy of snail mails for me but I’m glad they haven’t found a way yet of depriving me the joy in tearing open packages! ((:

I was really delighted to see a package sitting prettily on our table, a relief from the stress of Manila traffic.  So I excitedly opened the box and ta-da!

BDJ Box for September 2014 - BEAUTY INNOVATIONS

BEAUTY INNOVATIONS (BDJ Box for September 2014)

Let me give you a run-through of the goodies inside. 🙂

I’ve read posts & reviews about previous BDJ un-boxing and one of the stuff I look forward to – the STICKERS! 😀 Some friends will be getting stickers from me! ((:
See the beauty in every

See the beauty in everything you see.

Moving on, presenting to you the different products inside. 🙂


Here, I feel BDJ personally packed these goodies for me.  I got 2 Cream Silk full-sized conditioner, specifically for my hair need: Hair Fall Defense & Stand-Out Straight.

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

And to cap-off my hair-care routine, I got two sets of Dove’s new product – the Hair Vitamin Capsule (each set contains 6 capsules).

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin


These got me grinning.

First off, the Jergens lotion that made me exclaim, “right on time!”  My current lotion (an Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free ) is about to retire.  I had no problem with my current lotion.  My usual criteria for a good lotion are: scent, feel, and relief.  I’m very picky with scent and I get irritated with strong ones.  I have dry skin when the weather becomes cold and my skin is drier in the calf area and so far there were only 2 lotions that solved the itchy and flaky concerns I had on that area: St. Ives and Aveeno.   I normally go for the unscented ones.  However, seeing I got these 2 bottles of Jergens (in generous sizes – 200mL and 100mL) sent my way, why not give it a go since they pass my scent test anyway. 🙂 and I like that one comes in 100mL size which is great for traveling.  I am now using the Jergens Daily Moisture.


Jergens Ultra Healing 100mL and Jergens Daily Moisture 200mL

For the face, included in the box are 4 sachets of Godiva facial wash and Godiva’s Whitening Toner.  I have never tried any Godiva product but just the idea that there is a toner in the box, all I can say is “GOD PROVIDES!” 😀


Godiva LicoWhite™ Whitening Facial Wash sachets and Godiva LicoWhite™ Whitening Facial Toner 60mL

A little insight about toners that I am currently using:  I use the VMV Hypoallergenics Hydro-Balance Toner in the evening and the Celeteque Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner in the morning.  Why 2?  Well, I am a regular user of Celeteque toner and I love that it’s alcohol-free.  But when I got this trial pack from VMV Hypoallergenics, I wouldn’t want the stuff to go to waste.  The VMV toner contains alcohol which I do not really like yet I find it’s good for a deeper cleansing after my facial wash.  Must be the alcohol.  But since I do not need that deep cleansing in the morning, just some toning, I use the non-alcohol toner in the morning.  Thus the 2 toners. 🙂

Another goody for the face is the Ponds Flawless White™ Gel.  Another heaven-sent, since my current day-moisturiser (Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream) is almost empty.  However, I’m not certain if this can replace my day-moisturiser and it doesn’t have SPF.  I still have to figure that one out and will really appreciate any help from you (Ponds user) and skin care experts out there. Still, this came right on time as I won’t be needing to buy a new moisturiser. (I really really hope so!)


Ponds Flawless White™ Dewy Rose Gel 10g

As for my SPF concern, it’s like BDJ read my mind.  Included in the box is this Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock in its full size of 180mL!  I checked the label at once to see if this can be applied to my face, and yes, it can be, but NEVER TO SPRAY on the face.  I’m actually not a rigorous sunblock person that’s why I go for products which include them in their ingredients.  However, given the circumstances, I have to learn to do with what’s offered me even if applying sunblock will be a chore for me… ((:  It only isn’t when I am on vacation by the beach or hiking… so does that also mean a trip is coming up soon? *fingers crossed*

Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock

Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock


Eye-makeup products…  Hmm… Make-up for the eyes.  Okay. From my previous post, I have mentioned how much I’m drawn to make-up products but never really use them.  So when I saw these, I was giddy yet torn.  For one, they’re eye make-up products and I do not know how to really use them. 😀  I cannot even put on a decent eyeliner to save my life! Hahaha!  And the eye shadow shade!  It is really interesting, I must say.  I’m used to seeing browns and blues but this yellowish shade is quite new for me.

FS by F21 Cosmetics Eye Shadow and Gel Eyeliner

FS by F21 Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Citrine Sunshine and Gel Eyeliner in Brown

Well, nothing must be wasted.  I’m planning to put up a page for all the extra/unused/seldom-used make-up products that I have and put them on sale, and I mean SALE! I have to organize them first so please watch out for that. 😉

Lastly, a GC for a make over from PAC.  I am totally clueless what PAC stands for, I wished it was a typo and that it was a GC for MAC not PAC. 😀  A closer look confirms that it’s PAC for Professional Artist Cosmetics, you can also check out their FB page. 🙂  I have never been to a make over and I’m not really into make overs.  I’ve seen them on TV and they’re actually impressive and pretty amazing.  As they say, there’s always a first-time.  I’m still unsure what I’ll do with this GC – I can give it away, I can use it for myself, eenie meenie miney moe… Well, for now, it’ll have to stay in the box until a decision has been reached.


To end this kinda long post, here are the NUMBERS!!!  We all want to receive our money’s worth, aren’t we?  And we’re also suckers for freebies and good finds.  The box is only Php580.00 (Php566.66 to be exact since I went for the 3-month subscription) 🙂 and the goodies in the box including the GC is estimated at P 3K+!!! *gasps* *grins*

Check out the BDJ BoxSignature 1

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