Thor’s Day & Twister Fries

Thunderstorm right on time on another Thor’sDay work dismissal! Talaga naman! So, I was forced into an overtime to let the rain and traffic pass and make sure there is no flooding. Therefore, I got the chance for a McDonald’s delivery!!!

Today, Twister fries are back at McDonalds and in my excitement and craving, I ordered the BFF size! 😂 of course, I wasn’t able to finish it off! And I feel bloated afterwards cos I also had chicken and rice. 😋 as much as I miss Twister fries, I don’t think I can have another one soon. But will definitely have another before they take it out of the menu! 😊 BFF size hoping I get to share it with friends over chit chats and laughter. With a caramel sundae. ❤️

What’s your twister fries story? (:

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