Beauty. Adventure. Legendary. Inspiration. 2014

Last summer, I was blessed with a trip to the wonderful surfing and cultural paradise called Bali.  A huge shout out and thank you to the ever-generous LAO family (my uncle, auntie and cousins).

We had our layover at Changi Airport – the airport of orchids! ♥


We arrived in Bali in the evening and had a minor glitch, our transfer was not around – there has been a misunderstanding with our arrival date.  Anyhoo, we still got to our resort, The Samaya Villas at Seminyak Bali, and as soon as we got into our designated villas, my jaw dropped!  We got a bathroom that’s bigger than our bedroom at home.  See for yourself!

THE Bathroom/Jacuzzi/Powder Room/Cartwheel Room

THE Bathroom/Jacuzzi/Powder Room/Cartwheel Room

We also have our own private pool in our villa!

Each Villa's Private Pool

Each Villa’s Private Pool

And if the villa’s not awesome enough, our breakfast is not served buffet type.  We are given a menu and we choose what breakfast we want.  And I made sure I have a different one each day.  So on our first day in Bali, I took my time devouring my
breakfast by the sea, reading by the shore and taking pictures.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take a dip or swim in the sea.  The waves were just too strong, very ideal for surfing not for swimming.

The dining area near the shore.

The dining area near the shore.

My 1st Samaya breakfast... HEAVY!  Loading-up for the relaxation.

My 1st Samaya breakfast… HEAVY! Loading-up for the relaxation.

Reading by the beach is LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Reading by the beach is LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The next day was spent on a cultural tour of Bali.  We are very blessed to have Master Swetha as our tour guide.  He shared with us the wonderful spirit of the Balinese and how they value the virtue of patience, how they value relationships towards others and how health will always be above wealth.  Going around Bali, you will see that each town, or maybe barangay as we call them, has its own specialty.  A town known for its silversmith, a town known for its wood carving, a town known for its Batik painting, a town known for its coffee and so on.  Not only that, they do not have any skyscrapers because the government of Bali does not allow construction of buildings higher than the coconut tree!  I like that ordinance.  They do not want to ruin the view.  Me thinks the volcanoes play a part, as well.  Bali has many volcanoes, for such a small island.  And we got to see one of the active volcano in Lake Batur.  And when in Bali, how can one miss the temples?  While we were there, the Balinese were preparing for the full moon celebration and their temples have lots of activities.


I know I may be making a huge boo boo for not posting food photos.  Honestly, I couldn’t remember the Balinese food I had.  I’m not a fan of their cuisine or I was not exposed to them enough to appreciate… BUT I love this grapefruit sorbet!


I wish I can say more of the trip but I cannot conjure the words to describe the beauty of Bali, words fail, they’re not enough to show you how wonderful Bali is.  And if you surf, that’s double the wonderful! (:

Before I end this post, a trip to ANY BEACH of course is not complete without seeing the sunset (or sunrise, but it’s just hard to wake up before sunrise! hahaha).  You can view the photos from our Bali trip HERE.


Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Travel. ♥

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