Trust Issues

We all have them.  And we all have different reasons why we cannot trust some people, some products, and some situations.  What really surprised me is that as much as we praise, glorify, adore, exalt God, He is one being we have trust issues with.  Some might acknowledge, some might feel appalled by the idea, some might deny – but just think about and reflect on it.  When God tells us, ‘sell all your possessions’, we respond by saying ‘we do not have many possessions’ or ‘I do not own anything, they’re all rented and borrowed’ when in fact we have enough to sell on OLX and earn from it!  When God tells us, ‘go and announce’, we respond by making reasons why we just cannot.  When God tells us to ‘go forth and multiply’, we take out our calculators and bank accounts and blame poverty to population growth and you know, we’re just being prudent and practical.

Often these trust issues are masked by our want to be in control, our desire for comfort, the rational and practical reasons that we lay out there.  Oh and how we make so much sense with our arguments!  But unveiling that façade, deep in the heart of our reasons and arguments, it all boils down to that – we do not trust God enough that He will deliver for us, He will deliver us.  I know I have not given God my absolute trust and surrender; that a part of me still holds back, too attached to this world.  And I continually pray to God that He will work in me and work in my heart, because only He can change my stubborn heart, only He can accomplish and maintain that changed heart of mine.

So, “HOW CAN YOU NOT TRUST GOD?”  Appalling?  Dismaying?  How do you feel when you know someone does not trust you?  Why are we so afraid to trust an Almighty Being?  Why do we feel we can and He cannot accomplish some things for us?  Why cannot we absolutely give Him our trust?  I leave you these questions to ponder on and may He show you your answers and your reality.  I pray you will open your hearts to acknowledge them and decide in your heart that you will start to trust Him moment by moment.

Learn to trust the journey...

Learn to trust the journey…

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