Let’s Meet In Dreams

I dreamt of you again, it was a good dream, kinda weird (as most dreams are) but good.

And that made me wonder, how do you wake up when you get to dream of me?

So from one thought to another came the idea, what if dreams are two-way or like a meeting place?  Whenever I get to dream of these people, these people are also exactly dreaming the same dream like mine, that we are what we are in the dream.  And we’d all wake up talking about one same dream.  Wouldn’t that be a blast!  It’s like a sleep-meeting.  Hahaha  And in dreams, we can travel as far, do things as crazy as our imagination can take us.

I hope to dream of you often, and if dreams can send signals, I’m hoping I’d be sending some good signals your way. ♥

Same goes to all my friends who are so far away, well even those close around…  Let’s meet often in my dreams! (:

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