To Look Good and Feel Good

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, real beauty is what you feel inside and what radiates outward. It’s not the clothes we wear or our hairstyle or makeup, but the smile we project, the twinkle in our eyes, the warmth of our presence and the glow in our faces. And only when we have Christ in us, when we let the Spirit fill us, when we accept the graces and let them overflow, do we achieve such beauty. It is, for me, the most beautiful of the beautiful’s. To feel and look good, start within, call on the Lord, listen to Him, and let His love for you overflow.

Thank You Lord. Life in this world has wonderful fairy tale stories and endings because of Your love. Reality is real, but You and Your love overcome what most people accept as reality. The world may be harsh and cruel and reality bites hard, yet You let Your people shine as Your love overflows and You have conquered the world.

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