The Place I Run To Rest

I’m running barefeet, loving each soft landing.  The flowers and grass wave, the leaves rustle, the wind kisses my face.  This is such a bliss.  Above, a blue so calming.  Below, a green so relaxing.  I stop to catch my breath, look around and absorb the beauty of this place.  Oh, to lie down on this soft grass bed and stare at the birds flying in this vast clear sky.  Music.  The chirping, the rustling leaves, the water flowing in a brook nearby.  It’s so inviting to close your eyes, because the beauty is just indescribable and the music is so comforting.

This is where I run to rest. A short moment where I leave reality and lose myself in a different world.  I see this in my mind and I focus on how relaxing it is to be there.

Then I breathe out, open my eyes and I’m back here at work.  Looked out the office window, it’s brown…

BROWN?! Why is the outside pale brown?!

1054 070511

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