Of Frogs & Prince Charming…

30 years… I’ve met frogs… No, I didn’t kiss them to see if they’d turn into my prince charming.  I didn’t have to because they left even before I got hold of them.  So now, I’m still waiting for prince charming to come sweep me off my feet.

Many times I think I’ve found him just to realize I was being delusional.  Either we live in a different time zone that our feelings didn’t evolve at the same time or I’m just too good a princess to be his and he can’t take it.  But they all taught me how to love, to hurt, to let go, to get back up, and to be patient.  In each I’ve learned lessons I am taking with me as I search, wait and hope for my prince charming.

So, yes, out there are many frogs.  You can try kissing each one to see which one turns out to be your prince, or you can just wait for the real prince to reveal himself.  I’d prefer the latter.  Jumping into the pond and picking out frogs just isn’t my thing.  I’d rather sit on the side, dip my feet in the pond and see who comes around to sit beside me.

In all these, I have to stay open.  Whether wandering in the woods, sitting beside a pond or singing to a well – stay open.  Lightning could strike and turn a frog into a prince.  Who knows?  Or he might just be lingering around watching you while he rides on his white horse, the prince not the frog of course.  Stay happy, live lovely and stay open. ♥

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